I’m very happy to have grown up, and still live, in New York City (with some temporary stops in NJ and NC).  New York has everything but will always be known for its innovative music scene, from the punk bands of the 1970’s like The Ramones and Blondie, to the underground garage rock of the 2000’s such as The Strokes.  The amount of bands here trying to change the music world is staggering.  Sometimes it is great to discover a band that keeps it simple and just knows how to rock.  Welcome to the world of InAshton.

The band was formed in 2010 by Singer and Songwriter Morgan Clamp, with Drummer Deal, Bassist Litz Williams and Guitarist Tony Calabro.  Their pop rock style is well played and has the feel of a band that has been rocking stages much longer than InAshton’s short 2 year career.  Each member of the band already has the rock star look perfected and the musical talent to match.

InAshton has recently released their debut album Everyone & You.  The 13 track record is full of upbeat songs about the struggles of relationships, changes, and the band’s drive to succeed.  The opener ‘It’s Ok…It’s Ok’ is a radio ready pop rocker that showcases Clamp’s gruff yet syrupy voice over a full spectrum of sound.  ‘Better Than You Know Yourself’ tells it like it is over a simple and steady drumbeat that will keep your attention to the interesting lyrics.  The band’s lead single ‘Days Away’ opens up the ballad territory that scared me at first but when the full band comes in the song becomes a true pop rock ballad that completes the already full album.  There is a well shot video that goes along with the song that shows the band is ready for the big time.

Bottom Line: NYC’s InAshton is a phenomenal pop rock band that is well ahead of their years.  Their debut Everyone & You will gain them as many fans as they can get to listen to the album.  Go become a fan for yourself at:


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