Music has played many roles in the gambling world. It’s been a vital strategy on the casino floor, with wild, looping music almost hypnotizing patrons to play longer. It’s also worked for professional poker players, pumping them up for the flop and helping them recover from a bad hand or two. Sound and music composition has also become more prominent in video slots and gaming machine development.

Amaya Gaming Group, which used to operate the longest running online casino Intercasino, is an example of a gaming company that uses sounds and music composition to their advantage. Slots such as Aladdin’s Legacy are accompanied by music that enhances the theme of the game. The Arabian music plays to your senses, which often causes you to get lost in the virtual environment created, drawing your attention from the actual mechanics of the game to its design. As powerful as music can be in inhibiting your gaming, it can also work the other way and improve it.

University of Waterloo conducted a study that concluded with participants overestimating their wins with the musical slots significantly more than with the silent machine. To combat this phenomenon, which the researchers described as “losses disguised as wins,” it would be beneficial for gamblers to bring their own music to casinos. Indie music is a great way to calm down the nerves and help you think straight when making your bets, especially if you’re one the type to stress out when things don’t quite work out the way you want them to.

Arctic Monkeys
This indie English rock band is known for their post punk revival and garage rock tunes which are actually perfect for keeping your momentum during a good streak. Their album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not would be a good start to your playlist.

The Decemberists
During those losses, you’ll need to listen to something that will calm you down to bring your focus back to the game. The lush ballads from American folk rock group The Decemberists will help keep your cool in those highly stressful situations.

Miike Snow
Sometimes you need to turn back the excitement even when you’re on a good streak, as heightened emotions can cause you to act on impulse rather than make strategic moves. Hailing from Sweden, indie pop band Miike Snow has psychedelic pop songs that are catchy enough to keep you on your feet while keeping you on top of your game.

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