IBG Interview – 7 Questions With B.Wize


There is a lot that goes into the mindset of a musician. Our recent discovery B.Wize has the open mind to explore the mental side of the music industry. He also brings us the College Takeover Tour to bring awareness to some issue many of us struggle with.

We had the chance to chat with the artist and social warrior to get a deeper look into what he is building. Enjoy the interview here:

How would you describe the B.Wize sound?

The sound in which you hear is meant to be more than just music but of inspiration. From the platform of not only music but of film, and public speaking is God like to say the least.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on B.wize?

Les brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, and Luciano Pavaortti

How does a song come together for you? What is the songwriting process?

I usually meditate before going into a creative process. I constantly create to always be ready for an opportunity, depending on the vibe of the music i can create a song in 10 minutes or just allow it to come organically. I experiment constantly, always trying to find something new. With Hip-Hop becoming a copy cat league, I love the process of staying organic and original as possible.

We know you are the founder of the College Take Over Tour. Tell us about that?

CTOT started as a means to bring awareness to social stigmas such as mental health through the platforms of music. It is now transitioning to specifically target urban communities using film, radio, and music to address the mental crisis in the black community. The influence of Hip-Hop culture for the black community was paramount to articulate the crisis, fast forward 30 years later and that culture has become a major influence all over the world. Therefore, CTOT is the alternative to the mainstream and its purpose is to show young urbanities that you can be an entertainer that is transparent about his community and simultaneously help your community.    

You are more than just an artist. What is the main goal you are trying to promote to the listeners?

ZING LIFE, Zing means energy, enthusiasm, and liveliness. First, me being an example by practicing what I preach by living a healthy, balanced life of mind, body and spirit. Through that also being transparent with balance and understanding the yang or dark side of life and how to cope properly with traumatic experiences turning trials into triumph.   

Share some advice for other artists trying to make a difference?

Know thy self. Some of the greatest people in history had a sense of self-worth and purpose. Chase purpose and not profit because if you chase purpose profit will come.    

What does the future hold for B.wize?

Currently promoting YOGA THUG V1, THUG stands for True Hero Under God you can download for free at iambwize.biz/store. Also currently working on Zing Life campaign which consists of a tour with a concert and motivational speaking.

You can follow B.Wize for motivational tips and more at iambwize.biz   

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