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Colour Rise

Even though it may not be at the forefront of mainstream radio anymore, Rock is not dead! That is easy to see with our friends from Colour Rise. The powerful alternative rock band took some time to sit down with us and let us get behind their sound and their plans fro new music. Enjoy the interview:


First off, where did the name Colour Rise come from?

Samuel: Colour Rise is sort of a command. We wanted something that wasn’t specifically a verb or noun but could kind of travel where we wanted it to. Something timeless. And of course, it had to flow and sound dope. When we came across it eventually, I think it was sort of inspired by our surroundings. We were walking outside at night time. In total contrast to that it was like, ok colour (life, whatever)- rise up; bring it on.


How would you describe your sound?

S: Dark and pretty forever. We are big fans of making sure every track sounds very different from the last- tirelessly so. I’m open to be inspired by anything- other forms of music, architecture, myths, clothing, and probably most personally for myself, the intimate conversations I often get into with friends or people I just met. I’m all about connections like that.


What bands were the biggest influence on the band’s development?

Dope ass question. I’ll let Riley (guitarist) answer that one.

Riley: Honestly I could list so many bands that we all draw inspiration from, bands like Brand New, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bring me the horizon, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The 1975, 21 pilots, Basement, and Citizen all definitely impact us daily. In the car or around the house, the music we surround ourselves with plays a major role in the creation of the music we make.




With 4 members in Colour Rise from different backgrounds, how do you come together to write a song?

S: That question could be answered so many ways. With ‘H//H’ we locked ourselves in a room and said we’re not leaving till we have a complete song. And I think that’s why that one registers with so many people. I think the longer you spend with a piece of art, the more foreign it will be when it first reaches the eyes or ears of someone. And that’s totally cool too because that’s how we went with writing ‘In A Sense’ and ‘Shelter’. We used an iPad and passed it around for around a month. But we wanted that foreign, almost alien vibe at times so it made people feel ‘out of their skin’. People really love ‘In A Sense’.


Your latest album Primitive Skin took 2 years to come together. Tell us about that process?

I think all the songs would sound more similar if we took the same approach to creating them. But instead we’re more of a band that lives our lives and just kind of lets the music come. When we get around each other it’s typically for a reason. If we’re playing a show- you’re gonna see raw energy. If you heard of the tracks in its early stage, you might not recognize it. Or if we take time off to cool down and play basketball or have a gaming night, good luck if you’re against us (laughs).

I guess in a roundabout way I’m saying, the album took however long it was meant to take. We lived in that time and our lives changed. I doubt very much the next project will take that time but I’m glad for those two years and will never be the same.


What do you hope the listener will take away from your music?

That life is whatever the fuck you want. You can walk into a high-end clothing store and rip clothes off the racks because your girlfriend dumped you and your parents don’t accept you like they should and then in the same day go to hang with some kids cause you’re excited at the chance to be a good influence around them.

If a god is someone who takes control and accountability for their own destiny, then all that’s waiting is for you to accept it and take a step forward. Energy is just energy. It’s not good or bad until you decide so. I put a lot of my own ‘evil’ thoughts and feelings into certain tracks on ‘Primitive Skin’, but I feel like a healthier person for it. Do whatever you feel calling you and I promise it will lead you to where you are meant to be. Because of where I’m at in life though I will add, try to move forward in love for yourself though because- why not love yourself.


What advice do you have for other bands in the independent music scene??

Oh god, I’ll try to be concise but I feel so much on this. Pop culture matters to me a lot. Rock is not there right now. It once was but now it’s mostly rap and some ambiguous shit. Competition is a good, healthy thing that has been a useful tool for encouraging growth since mankind’s first days. Let’s take bigger steps. Rock music doesn’t have to be so fucking boring (and safe). It used to be crazy innovative. I kinda don’t give a fuck if that offends anyone cause I really feel it.

We have a lot more ideas in store and are looking for other artists and members of our team to connect with and push these ideals. It’s really not revolutionary or crazy in any way. To me, it just seems like common sense. Nothing can stay down forever, when you look at history, and rock music is no exception. Heading into 2020, this is our time.


What are the short-term future goals for Colour Rise?

We are continuing to promote our album ‘Primitive Skin’, we are building a team of people to help us reach our goals with things like merch, touring etc., and I think right now, our very next step is to take some time to focus and write again. After this whole summer kind of being about supporting an album, now proudly under our belts, I speak for the four of us when I say we are excited to look within again and find what’s waiting there.


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