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David & Clara

The man and his computer known as David & Clara are back with a new record. Body Work is the next level in the development of this experimental artist. We had a chance to sit down with the musician and get behind the scenes and find out what fuel his passion and creativity. Learn more here:


It has been a while, David & Clara. What have you been up to since Art Of Audio came out?

Since then I have been continuing to write and compose, worked on and developed new mastering techniques.

How was the reception of that album in your fan community?

Mostly they love the album. The pdf booklet was something they enjoyed as well. I gave the album out free to nearly all of them to say thank you. I didn’t make
that much from it because it’s up for “name your own price” and I was more focused on getting the music out than the financial aspect.


It seems like your following has been growing. How are you reaching new listeners?

Mostly via Facebook and promotional advertisements. I have been running some ads via reverbnation which has been successful. Over the winter I amassed a large following of fans in the Middle East and Europe thanks to Facebook. Some who don’t speak English, but we communicate through emojis. My inbox on Facebook alone is constantly bombarded with messages and a page with nearly 8,000 followers. I consider myself lucky. Tweeting about the album being on Apple music brought more attention than I had ever imagined. Not a blast of a large group, but a decent stream of plays and sales there as well.

So the new album Body Work is finally complete. Tell us about the process?

The process was far from ordinary. That seems to be a recurring theme in my life. But we all experience change one way or another. Mine came after switching to a job I had high hopes for, and then it turned to ruins. It was a crossroads to open my own eyes. It seemed more work I put into my day job turned to crap, and the more work I put into my music was blossoming. It wasn’t a complete waste, because the company was focused on cutting labor costs, I had less hours. Meaning, I had more time to work on my music and develop new mastering and recording techniques.

Again, some of these songs are new versions of older songs I’ve written. Such as “Sunset Eyes”, which was written when I was 19. Some songs I recorded while traveling such as “X257” was recorded in a hotel room in Palm Springs, California last year. The album was also a vanity project for me, suddenly realizing how much freedom I truly have to make music. I know people who have major label contracts but can’t release because of label politics, I can release anything I want to when I want to. Of course, I wouldn’t release anything new because I want to promote what I have out now, but I have that freedom to have my fun. That’s how “X77-2” came about, it’s a vanity project to it’s finest degree. A poem written to a high energy industrial-tinged electronic instrumental. It took me 4 years to make the song, mostly because I listened to the instrumental and would be swept up in its fantastic nature.

The album did change after my mom had a stroke earlier this year, hence the “Under the heart”. It was a song I made exclusively for my mom and had never seen the light of day since 2014. I included it as a tribute to my mom. It was then that I realized that life is short, you have to enjoy the present and not forsake blessings. Then that where more of the cocky songs came about, “Tear it up” and “Shooting Star”. Because why not? They’re great songs.

So a varied process to say the least. A celebration of lyrics and music for me, the rest is just icing on the cake.


You went with the more modern technique of releasing a string of singles before the complete album. What pushed you to take this route?

It was supposed to be more experimental, releasing a single and video each month until September. That changed due to an agreement with a PR team, and time constraints. And money. I was originally very upset I had to drop the album earlier than planned, but then it worked out better than I thought. So one up for me.

What other events are you pursuing to keep expanding the David & Clara brand?

Mostly live shows, live streaming shows, interviews, and just giving it my best. Working with people who know what they’re doing and as passionate about my music as I am. Just having fun and showing my passion for it, that’s really boosted the album more than anything. Realizing the power I have to make things happen.


Now that the album is out, do you take a break or just keep guzzling Mountain Dew Baja Blast and keep going?

Keep guzzling and keep going. My goal is to make a great video for every song on the album and actually set up live shows to tour. I’d love to tour this album if I get the chance. Even opening for someone would be fun. Again, it’s fun to have fun.

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