Sitting Down And Getting To Know The Imagination Of Emily Daccarett

An IBG Interview with multi-talented artist Emily Daccarett

What is grounding your music right now?  

I’ve allowed myself to be more vulnerable in my writing and indulge in music styles that I connect with  over trying to fit my lyrics to what may seem popular at the moment. 

What is grounding you right now?  

My work! There are not enough hours in the day to finish all the things I need to do. I’m so grateful that  I can say I’m busy, and I’m very motivated to keep going. I’ve started to wake up at 4:30am to give  myself more time!  

What does winning in your career mean to you?  

Winning to me is feeling happy and motivated to keep on creating. I see so much emphasis on making  money and spending it from influencers, which I find so sad, misleading, and empty. Money can’t buy  happiness, and I’m not saying that finding and working on your passion will ensure you will never feel  sadness or loneliness, but you will be putting out onto the world something with substance. Something  that will leave an impact even after you are gone.  

Any successes currently or upcoming successes you want to share with your fans?  

My song “Red Light” is in a feature film, Black Jade. It premiered in Germany and is now coming to the US!  

What boundaries are important for you to break and continue breaking on your music journey?  

What I want to break is that women cannot lead their own artistic careers. I don’t understand why the  industry sees women as weak and uncreative. I surround myself with creative individuals who see you  for your work and not your gender, which is why I love the indie route I’ve taken for both fashion and  music.  

Are there any pressures that come with making music?  

Yes, many! You have deadlines to meet, and when things flow that’s ok, but there are times when you  can’t find the right inspiration and it creates this cycle of anxiety, guilt, and restlessness as you  continue to make people wait for you to finish.  

How are you making sure that you put yourself before your music?  

I started to take ballet lessons weekly. It brought so much joy and appreciation for my body and what  it can do. My entire childhood centered around dance and going back to it brings me so much ecstasy.

How are you feeling about your upcoming music?  

I’m so excited about my new music! I’m so in love with it. I’ve added so much of myself, my  imagination, and a touch of fantasy.  

We need to know what is the best way to keep up with you?  

You can keep up with me on my socials!  

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