Rainmail Shows Off ‘The Honor In Disappearing’


The main purpose of music should be to make the listener feel something. Pop music seems to have lost this motto but there are plenty of music makers that still hold this dear. Our recent discovery Rainmail takes this to heart and just released their new album The Honor In Disappearing to offer something for lovers of real music.

The three-piece indie-folk band is based in Central Florida. Together as Rainmail they create heartfelt, melancholic music with truly poetic lyrics. Using guitar and piano, grand backdrops are crafted to share the emotions of their songs. Influences can be heard from Brand New and Leonard Cohen. The band does not let the mainstream musical box confine them in any way. The music is solely Rainmail without any restrictions. 

The recently released The Honor In Disappearing furthers the Rainmail sound with exquisite beauty. The album opens with the sub 1 minute intro “Right As Rain.” A pretty melody coupled with heartfelt lyrics sets us up for what is to come.

Lead single “You Beat Everything” continues this emotion-driven style with a mellow guitar line providing the base. The lyrics are deep and provide imagery to the listener to let them into the mind and heart of the songwriter. The soundscape is littered with innovative sounds to keep your attention closely affixed.

The energy is turned up a little on “The Ballad Of Andy Krid” as atmospheric sounds build on top of eachother. The lyrics show a dark side and an openness to tell stories that are not always perfect. A dark vibe continues on “The Goatman” as the vocals come off in a struggling fashion to further the mood. Sounds get more experimental here as well, showing off more facets of the music of Rainmail.

The pretty guitar of “Harpooner” lays down the elegance as more poetry is spewed with seemingly bad intent. Interwoven sounds fill the speakers providing something for your ear’s attention through multiple listens. Impressive that only three members put this together. The piano leads the way on the closer “Broken Mariposas” before it all comes together in a slowed-down focused way. Again the lyrics demand some focus. There is real emotion here that is meant to let the listener feel just as much as the songwriter.

Keep up with more of the story of Rainmail on their INSTAGRAM.

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