IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Ensemble Voyagers

Ensemble Voyagers

Music comes from all corners of the globe as well as the mind. Our recent discovery Ensemble Voyagers let it all out into the world with their own eclectic style.

We caught up with the group for a brief look into an exotic musical mind. Enjoy the interview here:

Firstly, Tell us about how the name Ensemble Voyagers came to be?

After many proposals we decided for Ensemble Voyagers because we feel like time travelers, we dive in past ages we recover the sounds also using ancient instruments and resurface in the present.

How would you describe the bands sound?

We try to use mainly original musical instruments or made according to the musical organology of the various ages and ethnic groups that we decide to play, infusing the sound with a contemporary approach.

Which artists and music have been the biggest influence for the group?

We live in a world and in a time of multiple and heterogeneous musical traditions: it is therefore important to know the history to root the future. There is no univocal direction towards the future: there is a plurality of historical and temporal ramifications that go both towards the past and towards the future and that branch out into the present. There is an “open” time, multiple and heterogeneous.

How does a song come together for Ensemble Voyagers? What is the songwriting process?

First, we choose a historical era and music that touched us emotionally and that still comes to mind.

Then we imagine the sound that must have, when the sound is clear and the structure and architecture are clear, we begin to build the sound environment. We are interested in putting the sound of an instrument in the right place and at the right time, it is not necessary to always play all together, whoever is necessary for poetry and the musical poetry of that song and for that song.

What is the true goal of your “open” musical group?

The “tonal” and temporal center of each moment is each of us, with our own awareness and perception. An Ensemble without borders was therefore needed because there are no frontiers in music. Music is dialogue and confrontation and has the ability to combine minds and emotions without fanaticism, helping to renew one’s identity.

Tell us more about your haunting recent release “El Cant dels Ocells”

It is a very delicate and poignant song. It is both a traditional Catalan Christmas song and a lullaby which celebrates the birth of Jesus, it’s infinitely more authentic.

Give us some advice for other artists creating truly unique music?

Be yourself, serenely and work with light in your heart and mind.

What does the future hold for Ensemble Voyagers?

A new record release of a medieval dance and a musical journey in ancient Greece.

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