Latest Silver Relics Album Is Anything but “Generic”

Silver Relics

When you think about what makes your favorite song your favorite, what qualities come to mind that separate it from the rest? Is it the magnetic rhythm that reflects upon your soul? The captivating sound that your body seems to have been born to sway to? Perhaps it’s the lyrics that leave their lingering mark? Combining all these elements in hypnotic harmony, Alex Sepassi (vocals, guitars, synths, programming) and Justin Alvis (drums) of Silver Relics have released their debut album generic. featuring 12 tracks that are anything but.

Formed in 2017, the band relocated to New York City after Sepassi was introduced to producer Howie Beno at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. Prior to their move, Silver Relics began recording their material with the help of Beno and has continued to collaborate with him ever since.

Turning Inspiration into Innovation

Initially inspired by his youth spent listening to Britain’s songwriting pioneers of the 60’s and 70’s, Sepassi later discovered the synth and psychedelia of 80’s rock which would prove influential to his own musical style and development. At the age of 10 he began to hone his vocal skills and by his late teens Sepassi was growing into an innovative songwriter. Complimenting Sepassi’s skill set, Justin Alvis garnered his experience as a drummer through time spent touring with a number of Drum and Bugle Corps across the United States and Europe. Together, the talented duo Silver Relics has been performing across New York and winning crowds over with their electrically infused songs that resonate uniquely with each individual listener.

Acting as a window into the band’s experience of making a major move to pursue their passions, generic. offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of uprooting your life that listeners all over the world can relate to. The opening songs of the album mark the start of a journey full of optimism and kicks off with an upbeat, electronic flair. As with any new venture, the excitement of jumping into the unknown typically comes along with a certain degree of struggle and insecurity.

Progressing into the fourth track, “Gridlock”, these themes begin to emerge with a noticeable shift in sound featuring heavier guitar riffs and sharper vocals. The lyrics “need to take it slow, find a way around the obstacles” reminds listeners to allow themselves time to breathe so as to not be dragged under the rapids of life’s many challenges. Despite the trials and tribulations that may emerge along the path to success, out of chaos comes clarity and resolution. The album resolves in a tribute to release and acceptance throughout the final tracks such as the synth-fueled “Small Talk” whose lyrics reiterate the idea that “it’s better late than never” to embark on a journey of your own.

Garnering a host of positive attention since the release of generic., Silver Relics will continue adding to their extensive repertoire of live performances as the summer continues. With only one final New York show coming up, Silver Relics is taking generic. across the pond to experience the inspiration of Britain’s music scene from the stage. The trans-Atlantic tour features five shows starting in Ireland on June 28th and concluding in London on July 2nd. Upon their return, American listeners should stay tuned for new dates and announcements which will hopefully include a number of shows in New York and across the rest of the US.  As dedicated as they are to their art, Silver Relics is sure to continue their journey of innovative exploration with generic. being an auspicious hint to a successful future ahead.

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