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When an artist is willing to break free from the lines set forth by the mainstream amazing things can happen. When that artist finds his people it can become unstoppable. Our recent discovery HU$H brings his own mix of styles to create something truly unique.

We had a chance to catch up with the truly creative artist and get a little look behind the music. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the name HU$H?

Without going too deep into events that inspired the name, I left home when I was a 15 year old and I had grown up being taught that truth was the ultimate path to what was good.  Now entering a world full of people that don’t think like that, I realized being open about yourself wasn’t a common thing.  Hiding the truth was a way people protected themselves and I didn’t understand that.  It took a lot of people doing some savage shit to me before I realized why people sought to protect themselves by staying hidden, and even opened my own mind to ways I was doing the same thing and didn’t know it.

How would you describe the band’s sound?

Loud and emotional punk/metal/edm/rap.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on HU$H?

Nirvana, NOFX, Tribe Called Quest, RATM, Goldie, Slipknot, Noisia, Soulfly, Heiroglyphics.

Tell us about how you ended up signing with the Strange Music label during a pandemic?

Before I signed, I was doing a hip-hop and bass music hybrid rapping on other producers beats and mostly singing on my own beats.  I had releases with Soltan, Whales, Megalodon, and done a handful of predrop vocals for other artists including the “Rotten Roll Bitch This Is Armageddon” vocal for Zomboy.  Fast forward 2019 Shaq was playing “Soltan – Sick ft. HU$H” in all his sets and me and Strange Music artist Tech N9ne linked up to do the BLIGHT record. We had a meeting one day with label CEO Travis O’Guin and remember he was talking about something and I was thinking “damn it sounds like they want to sign me”, and then Tech stands up and goes “Bro we want to know if you want to sign with Strange Music”.  I was kind of in shock and said, “There is nothing I would rather do than sign with Strange Music”.  I’m from Iowa, Strange Music has always been such a big part of the Midwest I’m just really honored to be part of that family of artists.

Amazing Music Video for ‘Faith Is Lost’ by HU$H

Your new single “Faith Is Lost” is an all-out high energy banger. How did the song come together?

I actually wrote the song right after a car accident where I had broken my sternum in the backseat of a car in late March 2022.  A week later all emotional and high on pain meds for the sternum, I just started writing the song about what I was going through at the time.  The sternum hadn’t even begun to heal so screaming those choruses was an exercise in technique, I knew if I had excruciating chest pain I was screaming wrong.  I learned pretty quickly not to stress my chest.

The music video is also really good! It seems like there is a personal story in there. What can you share about it?

Well, yea it’s the 3-minute music video version of what happened the night I broke my sternum.  It was honestly kind of brutal, I kept getting chest pain on set and still have neck and back issues from the accident, so it was a bit intense.  Cameron the director had an idea for the video that was similar to what happened that night, he called me and I told him what happened the night of the accident and how it related to the song and lyrics.  He took my experience and made it into an expression of what happened and I love him for that, he’s really great to create with.

Share some advice for other artists willing to blend styles to create their own unique music?

Don’t stop, put in the work, and just refine your craft.  Blending styles will lead you to new music you’ve never heard before, or experiences mashed together in a way that can really blow your mind.  I hope it does.

What is next on the horizon for HU$H?

Finishing the album, it’s almost done. I’m really excited to put these songs out.  After that I’m looking at touring in the next 6 months around the US.  Maybe a west coast tour.

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