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Irvin Fame

An artist must have a true passion for the music to put in all the hard work and energy it takes to make a name for yourself in the music industry. Our recent find Irvin Fame has put his faith in the music and is ready to keep expanding the reach of his intoxicating sound. 

We caught up with the rising star to get a little into his development and a look toward the future. Enjoy the interview here:


I am assuming Irvin Fame is not your given name. What prompted the new moniker?

Yes that’s correct. My names are Chisom Irvin David Bosco.

I wanted the fame so good and irvin defines positivity so i just added the fame to it and just let it trend.


How would you describe your unique sound?

l think ..l pull from Bob Marley, Fela, Majek, Fashek… 

And basically the old school and I just mixed the afro and the patois together to create my unique sound.


Who have been the biggest influences on the Irvin Fame sound?

Well, bob marley did the most for me and his love for the music totally changed my whole prospective on the game and rules of the music game.



What do you hope that listeners get from your music?

I want them to peep the music ..not just bop their head to the beat but understand the lyrics and feel my passion.


We hear you are working with some of the best Canadian artists. Tell us about that.

Well am releasing a new mixtape titled timeout and I got Scottycham on it ..he’s based in canada.. Its going to be dope


What advice would you have for other up and coming stars?

if you’re upcoming never doubt your self..believe …if you cant find faith in God then find faith in the music and in yourself … It may take a while but its gonna happen.


What is next for Irvin Fame?

I’ve got planned to release bunch of new quality Visuals for my tracks. Also new songs and albums are going to be released soon, but I will keep it as a secret for my fans and release them slowly one by one to build the hype.


Connect with Irvin Fame onInstagram: @yankeeirvinfame and Twitter: @yankeeirvinfame

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