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Real Fake Flowers

The last couple years have been a truly trying time for musicians. Lack of playing in front of people drove many to give up on their musical aspirations. Those that truly value the music they create pushed forward and have fantastic new music to show for it. Our recent find Real Fake Flowers is one such band.

We had the chance to chat with the band about their development and new single ‘Introversion Addict.” Enjoy the interview:

First off, tell us about the band name Real Fake Flowers?

The band name came about because Nate had a Liquid Death can that he put fake flowers in to decorate his room. One time when we were recording, his dad (Ken) came in and said, “wow, those are some real fake flowers.” And both of us immediately knew that that’s what our name was going to be. 

How would you describe your sound?

We have a mix of genres that influence our sound. We’d say that Indie Rock is the best umbrella term, but within that we have emo, pop punk, funk, jazz and even progressive rock/metal elements. Basically, we are an “indie” band who loves to experiment with sounds not typically found in the typical indie sound. This is especially going to be apparent after our newest releases.

Which bands/artists have had the biggest influence on Real Fake Flowers?

Our biggest influences are The Strokes, The Wrecks, Hot Mulligan, Declan Mckenna, and even bands like Periphery.

What drives you to create music?

For the both of us, we’ve realized that creating music is the most enjoyable form of self-expression. While we are making songs, we are learning more about ourselves and having the best time doing it. In a way, it’s almost like free therapy.

How does a song come together for you? What is the songwriting process?

There isn’t really a specific process, as each song is created independently from the others, but it usually starts with something memorable. This could be a fun guitar riff, chord progression, bassline or melody that excites one of us. From there we start adding onto it and giving it structure.

Congratulations on the new release of “Introversion Addict”. What can you tell us about the song?

Thanks! We are super excited about “Introversion Addict” because it is the start of the new era of Real Fake Flowers. We brought in a ton of elements that have not been used in our prior singles, including atmospheric guitars and orchestral instruments fused with catchy pop melodies.

Share some advice for other bands making original music without staying in the genre lines.

Our biggest advice would be to listen to music that appeals to you, regardless of what genre it’s in. Like we have mentioned, we are influenced by progressive metal as much as we are influenced by pop music. Combining influences in a cohesive way is a fun way to create new and interesting things!

What is next for Real Fake Flowers?

We are currently in the final recording stages for an album, called “The Equation for the Pursuit of Happiness” that should be out towards the end of the summer! We are going to be playing a ton of shows to promote the album and are going to continue making online content as well.

Learn more about Real Fake Flowers HERE.

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