IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Ross Victory

Ross Victory

The power of an artist is their willingness to share intimate pieces of their own lives in their art. Our recent find Ross Victory spreads his message even further with both song and the written word.

We caught up with the multi-talented artist to get a deeper look inside his new book Views From The Cockpit. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us how the name Ross Victory came to be? (Unless that is your given name, then congrats, lol)

Yes! I got lucky. Ross Victory is my name. My full name is J. Ross Victory. Apparently, my parents wanted my name to sound like a lawyer or something super official. True story, my grandfather changed his name from Victorian to Victory eons ago. I’m glad he did that!

What draws you to the Arts? In particular, music and writing?

Lately, music and writing morphed into a safe place. Especially when I work with other artists, it’s nice to know there are people who feel the world in similar ways and drawn to express themselves in similar ways. From my earliest memories, I have jotted down lyrics, stories and came up with melodies. Art is something I know for sure can’t be taken away from me, no matter how many people cycle through my life and serves as a measurable contribution to this world.

Who would you say has been the biggest influence on your endeavors?

I try to draw inspiration from everything and every one by listening purposefully during interactions. I don’t think there is any one person who has been the biggest influence, but Claude B. Victory and Oceal Green (my parents) have surely established the groundwork and foundation for my creative and resilient spirit. There is nothing without their contribution–good and bad.

Tell us about your latest project, the book Views From The Cockpit?

Views from the Cockpit is a memoir I wrote after I lost my dad two years ago to prostate cancer. The book uses comparative analysis between life and airplanes to explore father-son themes, resentment, and all the stories and moments that make up a relationship with a parent. It’s available on all platforms now!

You also released the song “Savor The View” to accompany the book. What is the meaning behind this specific track?

Yes, Savor the View is the sonic extension of the book also available as a bonus track on the audiobook version. This track is a reminder to savor and cherish every moment with the understanding that no one experience can be repeated. I wrote it with my dad and brother in mind, but it applies to conversations, vacations–any fleeting moment. Enjoy it because you can!

What do you hope that the listener/reader takes away from your art?

It may be a big goal, but I hope the listener/reader will feel inspired to make a positive life change for themself or maybe just to ask a question about what they feel to be true. Maybe even to gain a higher-level perspective on an occurrence in their life. Questions and contemplation has gotten me closer to the life I should be living and I hope that I can serve the listener or reader in that way as well. 

Share some advice for other multi-talented individuals hoping to serve humanity.

An editor gave me great advice. He said that the reason I create something is not attached to how it is absorbed and understood in a commercial space. That is to say, I encourage all artists and creators to align yourself with your intention to create as earlier as possible. This alignment will give you more space for criticism and compliments because of the truth you know to be real.

What does the future hold for Ross Victory?

Right now, I am at the intersection of thought–how to best impact the most people with my writing. Always thinking of creative ways to get on your reading list and playlist 🙂 so I would expect a lot more to read and a lot more to listen to…all born from a place of soul and authenticity!

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