Interview With Brazilian Artist Yndi

A little bit ago, I had the chance to get to know a little bit more about a beautiful soul in the Brazilian music community. Composer, producer and artist Yndi recently released her new single and accompanying music video “Novo Mundo.” 

Even more exciting, Yndi is debuting her album Noir Brésil which is set for May 28th via Nascimento/Grand Musique Management.

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Yndi starts off our conversation by elaborating on some of her biggest influences in both her music, and her life. 

“For the past years, my Brazilian culture and upbringing has nourished my creative process a lot. All the memories with my family, what music meant to my parents as young immigrants in France, what music means to people in Brazil. I feel like my vision of music as a healing force really comes from this.”

Just for the fun of it and because my curiosity was piqued, I asked her who she would want to collaborate with in the future. 

“It would be a dream to work with Milton Nascimento. His music was my re-discovery of Brazilian music when I was a teenager, really. I will forever admire him as a songwriter and lyricist.”

As our discussion continued, she shared some of her personal setbacks and roadblocks, which, as someone who deals with these frustrations as a songwriter, can really relate to. 

“When it comes to music, I’m a perfectionist which sometimes leads to unproductive self-judgments,” she openly shares. “I thought about quitting music many times since I started.. Overcoming the pressure to always be creative, the temptation to compare yourself to others, it isn’t always easy.”

“You made a remark in one of your posts about “Novo Mundo,” and you said “I’m doing this for my ancestors and future generations: My music and for my ancestors and future generations.” Can you talk about that a little more, and what this means when it comes to your music?”

Because of the music I make, the words I’m singing, the rhythms I use, I know my ancestors are with me, I feel a strong connection to them now, which hasn’t always been easy growing up in Europe. Sometimes I feel like I am their mother and sometimes I feel like I’m their child. In Brazil, through music and dance, we give homage to our ancestors in many ways, to those who have been “erased from history written by white hands” as activist-academic Beatriz Nascimento said.”

Another avenue we discussed were her thoughts on how her collaborations with the director of the “Novo Mundo” music video  Nina-lou Giachetti, and also Benjamin Geffroy AKA Bendudur.

Working with Nina-Lou and Ben was a beautiful experience, we exchanged ideas back and forth during the whole process, they were always so receptive of my ideas and were so committed to their craft. It’s a blessing today to be able to produce animated music videos, I’ve always been an animation nerd and I’d love to see more films like this coming from French studios.”

Check out the official music video for “Novo Mundo” right here!

She also shares that the music video is both “fun and deep,” as it depicts a “spiritual journey in a very cartoonish way with symbols from afro-brazilian religion Candomblé. It’s a luminous and hopeful piece,” Yndi explains, “the promise that a new world and a new life is always possible.”

Aside from her upcoming album, Yndi also shared with me that she has started a series on YouTube, dedicated to her creative process. 

“It’s kind of like giving my fans an insight of what is inside my head,” she shares. “I’ll share new videos every month about my workflow, my collaborations, my inspirations… many things are to come!”

Check out her video “How “Novo Mundo” Was Made” right here!

Yndi leaves our readers and her fans with some food for thought. “My mother always taught me that what you give to others, the universe will give you back double.” So I guess the saying is true, mothers do know best! Thanks mama Yndi!

She also leaves a message to those listening to her music, and all of her fans and supporters.

“I love you. I hope my music can help you heal your wounds and be a part of your journey on this earth.”

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