If you are an independent artist or band and you have recorded an album and have it for sale, then in essence you are an independent record label. You have had the art work designed, the CD duplicated and packaged and it is out there. Also as an Indie band, you are more than likely doing all the marketing, promotion, and distribution for the CD. By doing all this and as I stated in the opening sentence of this article you are an Independent Record Label.

So, since you have done all this and actually have your own release under your belt, why not consider signing other artists and doing the same for their releases? However, as you might have figured out from your own CD release, you need money for the marketing and promotion end. By signing other artists and releasing their product, you will need far more money so you may want to take this into consideration.

Effectively and professionally setting up the business structure and marketing end of an Indie Label is not easy, but if you gain experience from doing it all with your own release, the idea of multiplying the income by signing and releasing other artists may be an attractive thought. If you have had some proven success with your own CD releases this could attract other artists to your label, not to mention some investment money from a business investor, which to really do it right, you will probably need.

If you are serious and want to consider taking your label to the next level, here are some important things to remember:

  • You Will Need to Trademark a Label Name and Set Up the Business Structure

  • You Will Need to Explore and Find Good Music Distribution Channels

  • You Will Need to Align Your Label With Radio Promotion People

  • Your Record Label Should Utilize The Services of a Good Music Publicist

  • Have Good people to Do The Music Marketing and Promotion

  • You Should Have a Good Music Attorney On Board to Address Legal Issues

  • Align Your Record Label With a Good Graphic Artist and CD Manufacturer

  • Work With Talented and Well Know Music Producers For Your Artists

  • Set Up a Publishing Arm of Your Label for Performing Rights Issues

  • Form Licensing Alliances With Other Record Labels and Music Distributors

The items mentioned here of course is just a very brief summary of some of the things you will need to do, just some ideas so to speak. If you are really serious and ready you should consider engaging the help of an experienced music business and record label consultant. One that can assure that your label is properly structured, functional, and can actually succeed.

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  1. Nice Article! I am planning to put up a small independent firm to produce for some of my band friends and would like to make it as a business. I done some research on the topic, but have yet to put my finger I am going to push through or not. I took your bullet points as a guide, thanks very much!