You are probably well aware that I am a big fan of finding music in other parts of the world that I will most likely never get the chance to set foot in.  Sometimes the trip is not worth it and sometimes I find gold.  Today’s journey has led me halfway across the world to discover Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects.

Ivan & Side Effects

Hailing from Zagreb, Croatia the eclectic power rock trio is full of talented musicians.  The band consists of Ivan Mihaljevic on guitar and vocals, Marko Karacic on bass and Alen Frljak on drums.  Alen teaches drums at Modern Rock Institute in Zagreb.  Marko has been in some great bands in Croatia such as Big Rock, Undercode and Ivan Speljak Jitz.  Ivan in addition to being a phenomenal guitarist is a great teacher providing educational videos for and  The band has won numerous awards and contests in Europe and is now looking to expand to the North American market.

Last year Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects released their third album Counterclockwise, a 9 song concept album to comment on the current state of mind and consciousness of our society and the world.  Although still considered a hard rock act, the band decided to go with a more natural sound on this album to showcase the dynamics and nuances of their sound instead of just playing it loud and in your face.  The lead track ‘Driving Force’ is a technical metal song reminiscent of Dream Theater or Joe Satriani.  Fast paced and skilled musicianship lets the listener stay focused on the music and causes some instantaneous face melting.  This is powerful music with rhythm and melody that is not heard often enough in today’s hard rock music.

Go experience the Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects sound for yourself at:

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