Songs can often act as a sort of time capsule capturing memories through words and music.  Not only to the listener who has a song remind them of a moment in their past but even more to the musicians who created the music.  Come see what I mean with J & The White Kids.

White Kids

The pop punk/ska band was formed back in 2009 in the heart of their genre, Boston, Massachusetts.  Anyone can tell from first listen that J & The White Kids must put on an energetic live show not to be missed.  They put on countless shows and even secured themselves a slot on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour.  The group is made up of dual vocalists Seth McIntyre (Bass) and Greg Williams (Drums) along with lead guitarist Andrew Wilson.

Their most recent release is the Est We Got album earlier this year.  The 6 song record is full of energy and raw emotions.  Although it was released recently all the songs and lyrics were written back in their high school years of 2008-2012.  Now the guys are juniors in college but for them the record captures their awkward teenage years perfectly.  The opener “I Guess” attacks right away with that high power pop punk feel and fun storytelling lyrics.  The ska style shows up nicely on “One Night Stand Ups” with horns and plucky guitar pickings.  The chorus is extremely catchy even if you can’t sing in that nasally pop-punk style that J & The White Kids hit perfectly.  The raw mix adds to the fun and relatable music.   There is even a softer side to the band as shown on “The Devil Made Me Write This” with its acoustic guitar and tongue in cheek heartfelt lyrics.  This is a fun little record that can bring back high school memories to anybody that listens.   Take the trip for yourself at:

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