Learning that you have a talent and drive for a vocation at an early age can be a major factor in your career path.  Unfortunately music is not often recognized as a true job able to support the aspiring musician.  With enough hard work and the ability to constantly adapt a performer can make quite a nice living with their true calling.  Our newest find Jackie Paladino seems to be on the right track.

Jackie Paladino

Born in New York and raised in central New Jersey, Jackie Paladino is a  singer-songwriter who has been pursuing her dream since an early age.  Growing up attending and performing in off-Broadway theater and dance competitions fueled the fire that pushed Jackie back to NYC to attend the prestigious Tisch School of The Arts at NYU for their musical theatre program.  Here she realized that she prefered writing her own stories and songs instead of just memorizing the lines of old musicals.  Influenced by such classics as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday to the new talents of Adele and Alicia Keys, Jackie writes songs that truly tell a story.

We were able to get an advanced listen to her newest single “You Gotta Be” that is slated to be on Jackie Paladino’s debut EP set for release this January.  The track setup with just acoustic guitar and her voice makes for a pretty listen.  She shows she can handle a guitar right from the start of the song.  By the time the vocals come in you realize you are hearing a true talent that can hot all the notes as she tells you a story leaving you paying attention to each word.  Keep up with the ascent of this talent at: http://www.jackiepaladino.com

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