In the new music business the biggest key is to get yourself and your music noticed.  Luckily there are plenty of ways to do that for any musician with a creative mind and the ability to think outside of the box.  The internet obviously makes this much easier than just 10 years ago but with all the music out there now you have to really distinguish yourself.  Today I came across a very innovative and simple video from Jacko Poli.

Hailing from Leeds in the United Kingdom, Jacko has been around the scene for a while fronting various indie rock bands.  Feeling a little restrained in the band environment he has now broken free to launch his solo career.  Putting a little ingenuity into making a video for his song ‘Just For You’ has created quite a buzz to give him a head start.  Watch the video here:

This video led me to discover Jacko Poli’s debut album The Chords For No Noise.  It is a roller coaster ride of a record that freely jumps from musical style to style with no fear of criticism.  Poli describes it as being about life, love, loss and everything and nothing in between.  The opener ‘Let’s Get Lost’ jumps right at you with a screeching guitar and soaring vocals.  This is alternative indie guitar rock at its best.  The album then jumps right into the introspective slow tempo of ‘A Deeper Truth’ and thoughtful lyrics of ‘Just for You’.  The mellow acoustic guitar start of ‘Violent Mood Swings’ welcomes you to a whole new aspect of the album.  Just sit back and enjoy the storytelling.  The eerie haunting style of ‘So Long (Lamented)’ stirs something in your head as you are forced to sit back and relax to the relaxed vocal style.  The album closer ‘Dance’ jolts you back awake with a crunchy chorus reminiscent of the mid 90’s alt-rock scene.

Overall The Chords for No Noise by Jacko Poli is a well-crafted album that deserves multiple listens to absorb it all in.  Each song could stand on its own but fits very well in the sequence that was laid out for us.  Go give it a listen at:

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