Staying relevant for an extended time in the ever changing music is a real challenge.  When there is true talent in a musician this becomes much easier.  Talent stays in style even as the fickle public changes their tastes.  Jackslacks has been doing it for a long time and is back with more.


The singer/songwriter/drummer extraordinaire was a founding member of two of San Diego’s most important rockabilly bands of the ’90’s, The Forbidden Pigs and Hot Rod Lincoln.  He also relocated to Detroit back in the day to lend his skills to his brother Bill’s band Nobody’s Business.  Since then he has been pursuing a solo career releasing 6 albums of his unique smooth rockabilly sound.

Recently Jackslacks released his seventh solo record titled Other Side on the Shield Of Love indie label.  This record is very personal to Jackslacks as it is an homage to his father who passed away last year.  It is a family reunion as well as an ode to the fallen family leader.  Brother Bill came in to lay down his guitar stylings, nephew Billy sings backup, and Jackslacks’ daughter Taylor lends the interesting violin piece to the mix.  The title track “Other SIde” combines an assortment of sound into the mellow and touching track.  There is an upbeat feel to the song that seems to make everything seem ok.  On “Come Home WIth Me” there is another attack on the good times.  The speedy little number puts a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.  This is happy music.  Go get a listen for yourself at:


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  1. Johnny

    Cool review…have been following this cat for many years. Good to see he’s still on top of his game!