Jim Peterik Gives Us “All That’s Mine To Give”

Easing through the speakers with an unnecessary nimbleness, the opening bars of Jim Peterik’s new single and lyric video “All That’s Mine To Give” are deceptively soft, concealing a strength that will start to swell and penetrate the mix by the time we reach the :30 mark in the song. “All That’s Mine To Give” has an understated physicality that, with the right set of earbuds, is enough to send a jolt straight into your chest when it comes into full-color bloom around the time vocals enter the picture, but it doesn’t need a lot of love from the volume knob to feel as monolithic as it undisputedly can be. This is a song that could be described as an identity track as well as a ballad just the same, and it does a fine job of filling the void left by an absence of quality adult/contemporary pop in the last few years.  

The melodies in this single are sharp and a little rigid, working against the grain as we get into the chorus to leave a little room up front for a stunner of a lead vocal from Peterik, which could be one of the most understated and potently emotional elements in the whole of this performance.

The ominousness of the verse mixed with the almost sugary tonality of the melody sinking into the percussion leaves us with a feeling of immense unrest – and, if you see the video for “All That’s Mine To Give,” I think you’ll understand why this was necessary to foster a sense of urgency so rarely known outside of a torrid romance.   

Jim Peterik is on the frontlines of a non-visible movement that musicians will have to fight for as they join forces to make something well outside the boundaries of what commercial pop music allows for this autumn, and with “All That’s Mine To Give,” this player fires off incendiary shots at the very concept of mundanity – the best of which can be chills-inducing whenever I listen to this track. I’m very impressed with what Peterik assembled for fans and newcomers to his sound alike in this release, and if you haven’t heard it yet yourself, this November presents you with what could be the most important time to do so. From beginning to end, this is a music lover’s single that doesn’t just lack pretentiousness; it scoffs at the idea of putting anything but the quality of the content at the forefront of our attention.   

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