Eddie Arjun Shows Us His “Wild Child”

Eddie Arjun is an artist whose creativity thrived through limitations. He was prolific during the pandemic, creating full compositions from clips of drummers on Instagram. With over thirty of these aptly named On The Couch Sessions, Eddie Arjun channeled the feelings and experiences of quarantine into his own unique art while still retaining a sense of community with the collaborative nature of his work.

“Wild Child” is a continuation of his self-expression as an artist. The latest in the On The Couch Sessions, this track flexes his refined process and rocking sound. With an untamed lead guitar, this song embodies the name. You can feel the presence of the greats on his guitar work with influences adding to Arjun’s sound, creating something greater than the sum of their parts.

Listen to “Wild Child” Here

Not to neglect the bass, Eddie Arjun lays down a powerful foundation for the track. Locking in with the rhythm, a driving groove forms with an exciting tempo. The drum track comes courtesy of Jeff Randall, a rocking beat that is used to great effect on “Wild Child”.

If you liked “Wild Child” check out some of Eddie Arjun’s other On The Couch Sessions. He has proven to be a talented and prolific artist with a winning formula to make music in a unique way. Though his art was born from limitations, he has surpassed many with these unique creations.

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