All musicians must constantly be on the lookout for inspiration.  If music is to become your life you have to put yourself in places and situations that will really stir up the imagination and provides a constant stream of ideas for their songs.  Our recent find Joel Spiral took the leap and put himself in a perfect place.

Joel Spiral

Originally hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Joel picked up his life and headed out to the beauty of Hawaii in search of the inspiration he desperately seeked.  He found it and more during what he calls “a decade of mountain living”.  Joel Spiral is known as a fantastic lyricist and songwriter as well as a visual artist.  The natural beauty of the islands has achieved the goals that Joel Spiral had set for them.

Recently Joel Spiral released his first solo album Magnetism.  The 12 track record is an experiential journey through the mind of a quantum lyricist.  The opening title track “Magnetism”provides a spacy tone while Joel pours his heart into the vocals.  This sets the tone for what is to follow.  One of Joel’s favorite songs from the album is “Reality Burst”.  The flow is impressive as the rhymes hit perfectly no matter what angle he chooses to come from.  Singer Shain Miller is brought in on “Breezes” which ventures delicately into the R&B realm.  This trend continues on Spiral with a sexy beat driving the track.  The closer “Resolution” gets back to the strong points of Joel Spiral’s style with lyrics leading the way over an atmospheric beat.  You can get a taste of the truly talented rapper at: 

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