It is rarely a musician’s first attempt at making music that really takes hold.  Becoming a songwriter is a learned skill that takes practice, patience, and the right situation.  The most important thing is to keep making music.  The rest will work itself out if you are willing to put in the work.  We recently discovered Hollow Water who seems to have found the right situation.

The two-piece band hailing from Aberystwyth in Wales  is made up of keyboardist Alan Cookson And guitarist Huw Roberts.   Both men have been making instrumental music for a long while but never really hit their stride with a perfect partner until now.  The Hollow Water sound fuses rock and blues themes with electronic textures and layers to create a modern take on some classic progressive rock ideas.  It is a unique sound that could only come about through this pairing.

Hollow WaterThe group is currently working on a 12 track sci-fi themed album entitled Rainbow’s End with a diverse range of musicians from different countries. The concept album was inspired by this original photograph taken by Alan Cookson.  We recently listened to some of their past work for inspiration.  Right off the bat on “Watermelon Man” you know you are in for something different with innovative sounds coming together to make something progressive yet melodic.  The instrumental “Guanaco” has a groove that builds up an energy that harks back to classic funk with a modern twist of experimental keyboard sounds.  This one will enter deep inside your brain.  “Head Down” has a more rockin’ vibe using distorted guitars chugging ahead with a noise filled background filling the sonic space.  It can go many different ways and therefore keeps your attention throughout.  The latest track “A New idea That Won’t Get Finished” has small slices of pop thrown into the exotic wave of noises blending together to create a rather pretty track.  We are very excited to see where this all leads.  Keep up with Hollow Water at: 

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