People discover that they were given the gift of a quality singing voice through many different avenues.  Whether it is some random karaoke night or the magical acoustics of shower singing few of these stars take it to the next level and try to create their own songs to feature this newfound talent.  We recently discovered Cat Richey who is just beginning her journey into the music world.

Cat Richey

The independent singer from Texas recently began to dabble into the songwriting world to see where it can take her.  Her voice is able to hit many registers and claims influence from such diverse acts as Muse, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, and Death Cab For Cutie as well as the experiences in her own life.  

To expose her voice to more people Cat Richey recently released the EP Stray Cat.  The 4 song record is a valid demo to get her sound out there.  The opening title track “Stray Cat” has a nice beat that makes the song move forward.  Cat’s vocals are deep and dark painting a picture.  The mix is a little off though with the vocals way out in front of the music.  This continues throughout the record but with Cat doing it all herself can be excused.  The melody of “Wishful Thinking” is a pretty one that has hints of a dark streak crawling underneath.  Cat’s lo key voice makes for a sultry listen.  There is some experimentation on the closer “Viking Lullaby” with its minimalistic toy piano instrumental and foreign lyrics relaxing my weary mind.  Definitely take a listen to the EP at: 

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