The real world can often get in the way for a musician.  It is rare for an independent artist able to make a living solely from his music.  We must do other jobs and live a “regular” life to make ends meet and keep sane.  This often leads to it taking more time than we hope to release our music.  Our recent find Malichi never gave up and is back with new music for us.


Back in 2003 the talented hip hop artist broke onto the Toronto scene with a bang.  His unique progressive sound combined with lyrics that tell real stories hit just what the scene was looking for.  Malichi’s songs were at the top of the urban music chart and Christian radio charts at the same time.  He was also nominated for a bunch of awards winning Hip Hop Album of the Year and New Artist of the Year in the Maja Awards show.  

After a long break Malichi is back with with his newest project Real Life.  The album is filled with 20 tracks that touch on all his influences with mellow reggae, soulful R&B, melodic rhymes, and synthesizing Hip Hop spread throughout the record.  The opener “Rush” hits right away with its soulful beat punctuated by Malachi’s hard hitting lyrics.  A standout is “B-Boy Stance which sets the tone with a straight forward and in your face vocal delivery that spread the mission of driving for success.  The tone slows down on “Help” with a minimalistic beat allowing the meaningful story to lead the way.  You can feel the compassion in Malichi’s voice.  The female sung hook is very catchy.  The energy and head bopping beats return on “True 2 U”.  The vocal delivery changes as well forcing your full attention to what is happening.  The record closes with “Cry” a truly different take on a Bob Marley classic.  The experimentation and soundplay show some true production promise as well.  Go enjoy a listen for yourself at: 

The album is available on iTunes and Spotify as well.


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