Some people just seem to have a multitude of talents.  The ability to share all these talents is an even bigger accomplishment.  Focus on one is usually required but freeing your mind to allow all of them to shine through really shows something.  Our recent find Kari Hohne seems to have mastered this.

Kari Hohne

This one woman is known as a myth/language preserver, master diver, best-selling author, tablet app designer, dream analyst, business consultant, Tai-Chi teacher, and world traveler.  She sets the tone for the music of Radio God.  The music has been described as a surreal revival of world spiritual music arranged with ethnic rhythms, modern beats and infused with media nostalgia.  There is no goal of mainstream success, just the joy of knowing that she can affect people’s lives in a positive way.  

The latest album is a full listen not meant to be shared 1 track at a time.  The 10 song record mixes many genres and diverse sounds from different cultures.  The tracks are named like radio call letters representing transcendental stations of awareness.  Throughout the record your emotions will go on a roller coaster ride as you allow the music to enter your body, mind, and soul.  The new age tribal drum sounds are perfect for yoga or meditation.  Go enter a higer state of mind for yourself at:

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  1. Bethbetty

    Excellent perception of this album, well said, thanks for sharing!