We all go through some troubling experiences in our lives.  The ones that can turn that struggle into a positive message through music help make the world a better place.  A good example is our latest find John Blake.

Born in 1987 as Jonathan Anthony Burkett, the aspiring hip hop artist is more well known as John Blake.  The man has been through a lot in his life including being homeless at age 14 and going through a surgery that it was not sure he would survive.  Coming out the other side has made John Blake a better man.  Now he has the goal of providing inspiration doing what he loves best; writing, recording, sharing, and playing music.

The latest track by John Blake is the touching “Your Light (Let It Shine)”.   The relaxing and somewhat chill song reaches for the heartstrings as it builds an aura of helpfulness.  The lyrics share an uplifting message and the secrets of avoiding the mistakes that John has made in his own life in the past.  The message is powerful and relatable to all.

Enjoy the lyric video below:

Keep up with the latest happenings in the rising career of John Blake at: http://www.johnblakenation.com/

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