There will be many obstacles that get in the way of any musician.  The key is to never give up on these dreams no matter how long it takes.  Once music has a hold of your soul it will eventually make its way out into the world if you are determined and stick with it.  A great example is the story of Jon Alkalay.

Jon Alkalay

After being born and raised in Brazil, Jon Alkalay relocated to the music hotbed of Austin, Texas to make his music dreams become reality.  Things did not work out as planned with the explosive changes in the music industry of the early 2000’s causing Jon to take some detours and put his heart on hold.  The business world called and provided him with a 10 year career as an executive at an international insurance company.   The dreams of music stardom never left and Jon Alkalay recently quit that career to go full force at his passion once again.

As a result he has recently released his debut self titled album Jon Alkalay.  The 12 track record is a testament to dedication and never giving up on what you really want.  The sounds are in the dance pop genre and will get your body moving.  The lead single “Putting Myself First” is a electro mix of exotic sounds and a strong vocal performance aimed for a dance club near you soon.  Jon is unafraid to lead with his lyrics.  The 80’s tinged “The GPS Song (Recalculating)” shows the influences of a man who has been in love with music for a long time.  The song has enough modern touches though to make it relevant today as well.  The dance ballad track “Hardly Ever Rains” builds to anthemic proportions as Jon again shows his vocal prowess and ability to push pop music into the EDM genre.  Keep up with Jon Alkalay and his new career at:


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