There are times when a person needs a little help to just sit back and relax.  Of course the best way to do that in my opinion is with music.  On this unexpected snowy morning in NYC I needed to avoid the cabin fever that was setting in so I turned to a new artist that we recently discovered in Joonas Kreen.

Joonas Kreen

The downtempo jazz artist was born and raised in Estonia.  Joonas grew up on music and began studying clarinet at the age of 7.  This was a great start but he became more interested in more powerful instruments as he got older and moved on the saxophone after high school.  He was sucked in by the music bug and left power engineering school to return to what made him happiest, his music.  According to Joonas “My relation to music is simple: I create music that inspires me to greater thoughts and simply makes me feel better. This way, music is an additional way to increase positive influences in my life”.  That sums it up best and I am glad I had the opportunity to hear his music to simply make me feel better about this dreary day.

Now Joonas Kreen has released his debut full length album My Luvly Hammock, a 14 track record that explores much of his influences.  The record is a solo project with Joonas supplying all the instruments such as guitar, bass, saxophone, and tin whistle while mixing in some electronic elements such as Keyboards, strings, and drums.  A very impressive undertaking for the young musician.  There are mostly instrumental songs here but he does throw in a few vocals here and there to mix things up.  The opening, and title track, ‘My Luvly Hammock’ features lush instrumentation that shows off the many layers of sound that were put into this record. The song ‘Smalu’ is an elegant lullaby to calm the listeners mind for what is to come.  The smooth Jazz of tracks such as ‘Heavenly Phone Booth’ and ‘Moon Or the Other’ with their impressive saxophone skills will relax even the busiest brain.

Bottom Line: My Luvly Hammock is an hour away from the hustle and bustle that creates a trance in the listener that causes a slowing down and reflective period that we all need sometimes.

Joonas has offered a couple of free tracks for our readers.  Go to to claim them.

Find out more about Joonas at:

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