Josh Remi Is Next With ‘Interval’

Josh Remi

Filipino-American multi-disciplinary artist and songwriter Josh Remi is set to release his debut album, “Interval.”

A multifaceted artist at best, Josh Remi represents the future of quality sound with his distinctive Corvettes-inspired brand of music that is built around an organic, thrilling, and transcendent soundscape. Remi decided to lean into a wider range of sounds and styles so he could convey a wider tide of topics and emotions. His songs cover different areas, and the lyrics range from the street to love, from struggles in life to the motivation to get past them. Combining classic R&B/pop sounds with contemporary elements, Josh has been able to create an authentic sound that undoubtedly resonates with old and new fans alike.

As a multifaceted artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground each and every day, Josh Remi is set to debut his album, “Interval,” which will underscore his versatility and innate gifts. This album promises to be more than just its excellent production. It will also be a showcase of Remi’s ability to explore different cadences and flows and bring a great pace to the table with distinctive features, dope lyrics, and deft arrangements, making every song unique in its own right, from hard-hitting rock anthems to laid-back R&B to vibrant pop and country melodies and more; “Interval” may have something for everyone!

With this release, Josh Remi is about to bring an impressive music industry pedigree to the mix with meticulously crafted music that draws on beat-driven melodies and eclectic rhythms to make you fall in love in no time!

With a strong desire to both entertain and impact, you can expect a truly impressive body of work. His persistent approach, fortitude, work ethic, and inspired energy will surely allow him to hop on a meteoric rise to stardom!

To stay in the loop on his latest developments, including his upcoming merchandise, follow Josh Remi on his website and socials, and don’t let him off your radar even for a second!

Keep up with Josh Remi on his WEBSITE.

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