The ability to be a songwriter is not one that can be easily learned.  You must be able to search deep within and share your innermost feelings and thoughts through a catchy melody.  We all have life experiences but only a true songwriter can turn those into meaningful songs.  Our recent find Karen Marrolli seems to be on the right track.

Karen Marrolli

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico the burgeoning singer songwriter began her musical journey as a classically trained composer and conductor.  Now Karen Marrolli has stripped away the cover of a wall numerous instruments in front of her to the personal side of just a piano, guitar, and a microphone.  Some obvious influences are Tori Amos and Regina Spektor.  Her best songwriting comes from an autobiographical side where she aims to share with “survivors of life”

Earlier this month Karen Marrolli released an EP called Twilight Songs.  The 4 track acoustic record was self-produced and explores some personal demons and strengths.  The opener “Rain” is a stripped down piano driven song that spills emotion throughout.  Karen’s voice provides a deep and elegant feel.  On “Sanctuary” there is an epic vibe with big sounds provided by guitar, piano, and cello as well as a powerful vocal track.  This is music for a large room.  The record closes with “I Know The Angels”.  The production again is top notch with harmonies and instruments blended together seamlessly.  This is just a taste from Karen Marrolli’s upcoming full-length album Stealing Fire.  Keep a look out for that and more at:

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