Too many struggling musicians out there never realize how much hard work is needed not only in making the music but in networking and getting yourself known by the industry professionals as well as the fans.  When we find someone that truly gets it and wants to learn as much as they can to succeed in this crazy business we stick with them and support them as much as we can.  Welcome back IBG favorite Kenny Fame.

The NYC native originally from Paterson, NJ has developed a personal style he calls indie-pop.  There are elements of many different genres in his sound but Kenny Fame chooses to keep the music raw and accessible without too many fake sounding studio additions.

The latest track he has hit us with is “I Need U’.  It is a very straight forward pop song that jumps right into a head bopping melody from the start.  The production is slightly empty but that is part of the Kenny Fame process.  Let the listener enjoy the raw basics of the songwriting and build from there.  You will be humming this one in your head before long.  Enjoy the lyric video below:


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