You don’t see it as much in the independent music scene but an indie artist can effectively enter the pop music world today.  It used to be that a musician needed major backing and connections to get any pop music heard on the radio.  Now a great song is a great song and even an independent can make a splash in the over-saturated pop music world.  Let us introduce you to Keyless.

Keyless Music

The pop solo artist from Memphis, Tennessee has been making some noise and is ready to break out.  Keyless’ sound is the very popular mix of pop, rock and electronica that has taken over mainstream radio over the past few years.  Last year his song ‘Deep End’ was licensed to several TV shows and was picked up by music supervisor Shauna O’Donnell to be featured in the film The Devil Within: Rise of Evil. After building his star image for a while, he has taken the next step and teamed up with producer extraordinaire Dave Cowell, aka DJ Unlock, at The Noise Factory Studios to put together a full album entitled Hot Shot that is ready to be heard by the world.

Keyless has just released the debut single ‘Everything’ off the album Hot Shot to radio and online retailers.  The track was mastered by Grammy Award winner Brad Blackwood.  The song opens with a full sonic palette of sound and mellows into a driving electronic drumbeat and the soft vocals of Keyless.  Upon seeing pictures of the rock star that is Keyless, you wouldn’t expect such beautiful vocals.  This is a song that is prime for club remixes that could dominate the spring club scene.  There are many directions this could go but I see them all pointing up for this rising star.  Get a listen to ‘Everything’ here:

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