Klasey Jones Debuts with “Foreign Buyers Club”

Klasey Jones

Klasey Jones recently released a debut EP through Plastician’s label imprint, “Terrorythm.” This cinematically trap producer (Where from? Who knows!) puts together influences from trap as well as anime soundtracks in this 5-track EP Foreign Buyers Club.

The first track hits you in the head. “Area 55” is ominous with a soul-sucking beat and ephemeral interludes between them. It’s one of my personal favorites on the EP.

“Gang Gang” has a nice rolling beat over a stringed accompaniment that makes me feel like I’m rolliing on the streets while also looking at the city from a mountaintop.

“Yoko Ano,” which I believe is the flagship single off the EP, has a killer deep bass line accompanied by a violin, 32-bit synths, and cymbals that keep you on your toes. Also one of my personal favorites.

Klasey Jones’ Debut EP Foreign Buyers Club Cleverly Combines Influences from Trap to Anime Soundtracks


“No Mercy” truly shows none of it. It showcases a dramatic piano progression over a solemn beat.

“Cement” has a title and sound that perfectly fits the final track of a record. The beat hits hard in the head again like the first track, and the pads in the background really cement you in.

Check out the EP for yourself on Soundcloud, and if you like it, support the artist by purchasing it here. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from Klasey Jones!

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