Kylypso Release Debut EP ‘Soon Fun’


During an autumn internship in London, I found myself one day taking an alternative walking tour centered on street-art in the East End. The tour was worth taking more than once because of the dynamic, ever-changing open and free canvases. Beautiful pieces could appear and disappear overnight giving them a fleeting, abstract quality rather than the tangible and lasting form art can sometimes take. Some were beautiful, some were ugly. Some were serious, some were funny. Many provided social commentaries on society, the government, and workers’ and human rights.

It is in a setting as eclectic and vibrant as this that Kylypso was born.

Kylypso Stay True to Their East London roots

Kylypso are an East London three-piece consisting of Tom, Rudi, and Hugh. With their EP, Soon Fun, they want to send the message that you can usually find goodness in every situation. And good times, just like East London street-art, may always change but are always present — even if they might be a little hard to find sometimes.

Tom and Rudi live with Honne; the universe was right to bring them together physically because they are also a natural pairing musically. If you are a fan of the dreamy, electronic duo that is Honne, you will certainly be a fan of Kylypso. Kylypso’s 90’s-esque synthesizer-esque electronic-esque debut EP Soon Fun which was inspired by the “tragedy and fun of finding ourselves.”

The last single taken from it, “Night,” is a song “set in daydreams” about “what could have been.”  Living up to its namesake, the track would be a welcome soundtrack for transits between seedy, hazy dives in a night of debauchery out on the town.

If you can manage it, let Kylypso soundtrack your 8th of December at the Carmelite cafe party w/ WOWH.