Hawk and the Wild Speaks Out Through ‘Extrication Songs’

Hawk And The Wild

Jimmy Wiltfalk, better known as Hawk and the Wild, broke into the Swedish indie rock scene in 2016 with his debut album, Extrication Songs.

Largely a one-man band, Hawk and the Wild is a project close to Wiltfalk’s heart. Extrication Songs was almost entirely recorded in his home studio, and his music and lyrics are all his own. The debut album was a labor of love that truly paid off.

The record features single “Broken Taillight,” a song that shot Hawk and the Wild to the top of the Swedish Indie Chart of 2016.

While on a vacation in Croatia, Wiltfalk was inspired by the beauty and excitement of the trip and of scuba diving in the Adriatic sea. The lyrics “you lead and I follow you” return throughout the song and serve as a meaningful sentiment as much as a standard communication while scuba diving.

Wiltfalk’s raspy voice is the perfect vehicle for the soft but eager energy throughout the song.

Tambourine accents and the guitar’s melodic lines add a light quality, making the tune oddly infectious.

Hawk and the Wild Shows Passion for Human Rights through Music

Like for so many people throughout history, music serves as an outlet for Wiltfalk’s motivation to fight for what he believes in. Included as the final track on Extrication Songs, “The Dream is Still Alive” was revamped as a non-profit charity tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. in 2017.

Hawk and the Wild’s song “The Dream is Still Alive” is a push for human rights and, hopefully, a source of inspiration.

“As a songwriter, I hope that the listener is inspired to stand up against inequality and racism. No one can do everything, but everyone can start by finding one thing they care about,” says Wiltfalk on the project.

Though the song is powerful on its own, the music video takes it to a new level. Alternating clips of Wiltfalk performing with clips of civil rights protests, the video definitely encourages action.

Since the 2016 release of his debut album, Hawk and the Wild has been working on more human rights projects, as well as new songs.

You can find Extrication Songs on all streaming services, and be sure to follow Hawk and the Wild on social media to keep up with news.

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