Bree Taylor Is Just ‘What You’re Looking For’

Bree Taylor

The latest single and accompanying video, “What You’re Looking For”, is set to catapult Bree Taylor from any vestiges of near obscurity and into the forefront of promising performers working today. The Canadian native first appeared with the single “Broken Dreams” in September of 2016 and has since moved her burgeoning career to the wilds of Los Angeles to write and record her debut EP.


This is the next logical step in a journey that began with membership in the school choir at six years old and, even in those early days, the unique qualities of Taylor’s voice were noticed and highlighted. Her talents have only grown exponentially since then and we hear the fullest blossoming of those skills yet on the latest single. “What You’re Looking For” is an archetypal Bree Taylor song because it is so personal, yet reaches out to resonate with its audience. Anyone who has involved themselves in affairs of the heart will relate to this track.




Taylor wisely doesn’t bring an assortment of instruments into play on this single and, instead, concentrates her arrangement around drums, spectral bass, and keyboards. Synths are often problematic for some listeners who feel that the electronic nature of those instruments robs music of a human quality. There’s no danger of that criticism being valid here. Instead, there’s an elegant sound defining the track that engages listeners from the first.


The song is well constructed, particularly during the chorus when previously understated percussion starts hitting much harder than before and imbues the song with genuine dramatics. Taylor matches the musical intensity with an emphatic vocal turn during the chorus and it rates as the indisputable payoff for a great song. Clocking in at just under four minutes in length, Taylor is the dominant force in the song, but her musical collaborators make her star turn even more memorable without ever risking self-indulgence.


The Voice of Bree Taylor Captivates


It’s compelling to hear how she modulates her voice for effect. Despite her youth, Bree Taylor is clearly a masterful phraser and the talent she demonstrates for getting under a song’s skin. It isn’t a gift you learn; this sort of thing is an innate talent that Taylor exploits to the maximum. She likewise understands just how much vocal force the song’s fine chorus requires and balances her voice perfectly against the increasingly energetic, urgent tone of the chorus.


Bree Taylor is on the move. “What You’re Looking For” demonstrates that what this talented performer is looking for – a pure expression of her heart and life experiences in song – is closer than ever before and manages to entertain her likely target audience without missing a beat. Canada has seen many fine songwriters and musicians achieve global notoriety in popular music’s history and it seems like Bree Taylor is poised to join the ranks of such luminaries.  


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   -review by William Elgin