IBG Interview – Some Questions With… Spectre


Music can take over a body and mind if done right. Our recent discovery Spectre out of Rochester, New York is trying to do just that. His indie-electronica sound incorporates vintage analog into sull sonic landscapes meant to entrance the listener.

We caught up with Matt Rapoza of Spectre and tried to get into his mind and his music. Enjoy the interview here:


How would you describe the unique Spectre sound?

My tracks tend to mix big analog synths with delay driven guitars and airy vocals. My goal with every mix is to put the listener in a trance-like state. I generally try to accomplish this by giving the mix a unique sense of depth with sharp panning, intricate delay, and smooth reverb.


Which artists would you say are your biggest influences?

This is a hard one. I would have to say that my biggest influences are James Blake, Jack Garratt and Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker). They are all absolute legends.


What is your songwriting process? Take us through how a song comes to be?

This really depends. Some songs come to me while I am driving. A vocal melody will pop into my head out of the blue and I will capture it with recording software on my phone before it slips away. However, most of the time I like to start my songs out with a guitar riff or synth line and build the track step by step from there.


Tell us about your latest single “Sonder”?

Sonder is the first single off of my upcoming EP “Blue.” My inspiration for the track actually came to me from the word “sonder,” which is described as the realization that each random passerby you encounter is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. The song, in its essence, is a reminder for myself, and maybe even others who can relate to the track, not to lose perspective.


What is next for Spectre?

Sonder is set to hit all distribution platforms within the next few days. After that, I plan on playing some live shows around Rochester, NY while finishing up the rest of my EP.


What advice would you give other independent artists pursuing their passion?

Don’t wait to become inspired. Make your own inspiration every day and you will learn to flex your creative muscle over time. Whether you are a vocalist, guitarist, pianist or all three, the more time and effort you put into your craft, the better you will become.


You can find more Spectre on SOUNDCLOUD and INSTAGRAM