If I had to pick my favorite genre it would have to be alternative rock, but I can’t listen to it all the time.  I needed a little pick me up for my Friday evening so the hunt was on for some bumpin’ dance music.  So what if I could find a song from the vocalist of a good alt-rock band that has spun off and experimented with some club music.  That is what we have today in the form of La’ Ralpheal of the band Rah Element doing his own thing on the side.

As expected it is quite the stretch hearing a vocalist so diverse and with the ability to be relevant in two very different genres.  La’ Ralpheal is a man of many talents and has the friends to help him in every endeavor.  In his latest dance release ‘Take Me Away’ feat. Leilani, he shows that he can do whatever strikes his fancy.  The track was written and produced by Medi(sin) Productions and remixed by Ford Productions who has remixed such artist as Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, and numerous others.  Expect to hear this in the clubs before long as there are many remixes already being done.


Here is an animated video for your viewing and listening pleasure:

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