To become a star in the chaotic music world one must be willing and able to push forward even when situations don’t work out as planned.  If the support doesn’t come from where you want it to, go out and keep working hard to find the right people who will support your dreams.  

Our recent find Lady Aneessa did not have an easy road but determination has got her to where she is today.  The singer/songwriter is from a small province of Paris in France but has journeyed through Manchester, England and Los Angeles, California earning experiences to use in her music.  

The early days of Lady Aneessa’s career were rough as she did not have the support of her parents to pursue a career in music and was forced to take unnecessary studies and work in small trivial jobs but her persistence pushed her from performances in small clubs and bars to grand concert halls.  

The latest song from Lady Aneessa is “I Am Woman”,  Enjoy the music video here:



The beautiful voice of Lady Aneessa shines through on the mellow and mesmerizing track with its true emotion.  The lyrics seem to come from deep within her soul and are sung with that sultry voice that she possesses making them seem even deeper.  This is a pretty song that will relax the listener while also building up a strength inside their heart to pursue their own calling.

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  1. Christian DELEST

    c’est bien arrangé…

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