For any group of musicians there needs to be a grand purpose.  Some bands are in it for the fame and fortune, and that is fine for some, but for a long lasting group there usually needs to be more.  Our recent find Moscato has been on a path fueled by true purpose.  


The contemporary rock band hailing from Mackay, Australia began as basically a regular jam session with an idea to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders.  WIth a real goal to do good in place, more and more musicians joined on over time.  The additional talents have brought in many different influences to the Moscato sound resulting in an original touch on mainstream ready music.

The music of Moscato has been pouring out regularly and gaining fans and awards in the process.  The mellow rock song “Pendulum” opens with a minimalistic feel and beautiful female vocals before drums come in to build the energy to a higher state but keep the level just under the crest of the mountain to keep the listener on edge waiting for the ride.  The energy really takes off on “UNSHINY”.  The guitars chug along creating a perfect background for the dual female singers to share their sultry style.  There is a very well made music video accompanying the track.  Enjoy it here:


Keep up with more music and news by Moscato at: 


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