It is well known that Atlanta has been producing an abundance of quality rap artists over the last few years.  The style is very distinct from other hip hop scenes and the amount of collaborations and artists helping each other only help the scene grow faster.  The latest artist that I came across on the verge of exploding from that scene is Laidi Passhon.

This “Lady Of The Streets” was born in Texas, raised in Indiana, and found herself falling into the rap game after writing poetry as a kid and bragging to local rappers that she had flow.  She was challenged to rap and has loved it ever since.  There is more to her music than just hip hop though.  Now relocating to Atlanta gives her the opportunity to truly express herself.  There are touches of rock and electronica to make her unique in the crowded scene.  Laidi Passhon has found the right people to hook up with and the combination of her flow and expert production has created something above the rest.

Her latest mixtape is ‘Lady On The Streets’.  The 15 track record is full of different sounds combining to put Laidi Passhon on the map.  She features many of the other up and comers of the Atlanta scene such as Candie Pie, Nikodmus,  and Dolla.  Bringing in the production talents of Finger Roll and Keezay was no mistake either.  ‘Shout Out To the World’ and ‘I’m Get Fired’ introduces some electronic dance beats that will force the club to move.  On tracks like ‘Don’t Need All That’ she shows she can slow it down and still drop some impressive flow.

Bottom line, Laidi Passhon is able to go in many different directions with her songcraft and come out successful in each one.  Go get a taste of her mixtape at:

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