Leaving Lennox Share their “Old Love”

Leaving Lennox

Australian duo Leaving Lennox, have recently moved to Music City – USA and are releasing their new single “Old Love” today. 

The single, a melodic pop tune, features both female and male vocals from the pair in addition to soulful lead guitar work and a driving beat. The couple says the lyrics are fairly self- explanatory and refer to a past love with reminiscent tones, with lots of imagery that captures you from the first lines. “We really wanted this song to be for anyone who is thinking of someone from their past, no matter their relationship to the person, we wanted to say out loud; hey, it’s normal and okay to think about your past. You wouldn’t be who you are without it” 

Leaving Lennox Give Us A Deeper Look Inside “Old Love”

Singer Lauren Valatiadis says, “I started writing the song on the acoustic guitar, but when it was time for production, I knew that I wanted keys to be the first thing heard. I went straight to Mick Hambly for production- he is so good at that. He produced the whole song and played guitar, bass, and piano on the track. After laying the bulk of the instruments down, we got in touch with Aaron Sterling for the drums. We are stoked to have him on the track.” 

The song has already won “Best Pop Song” in the Summer 2019 World Songwriting Awards. 

Lauren actually wrote a bulk of the song on her own and then we took it into the studio and re worked some of the lyrics, adding another perspective with my second verse”, says the duo who’s music is driven by catchy melodies, blended harmonies and lead guitar licks. 

Their musical inspirations are those who are both strong songwriters and artists, including the likes of John Mayer and Kacey Musgraves. They strive to create relatable songs, that have their own unique sound stamp on it. “We would explain our overall sound as Pop/folk”. “We love strong melodies but also love to explore interesting musical progressions, which can sometimes move us into more of a Folk/Americana direction. Although this song is definitely very mainstream… it’s hard to put a label on what genre you are and these days we feel like it doesn’t really matter.” 

The pair are planning on a consistent release of new music for the remainder of 2019 and will be supporting the music with a lineup of songwriting festivals around Tennessee and surrounding states. 

You can catch Leaving Lennox at a show or festival around the USA. Check their tour dates here: https://www.leavinglennox.com 

Keep up to date with Leaving Lennox on Facebook and Instagram: 



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