Lenny Williams Says “Baby I’m Sorry”

The venerable soul crooner Lenny Williams has sang through generation. From recording several charting R&B hits in the early 1970s, including his most famous hit “‘Cause I Love You,” his voice has aged like fine wine and he is ready to share it on a new track “Baby I’m Sorry.” His performance is full of the passion that made him famous, and it adds richness and character to the sensual smooth jazz on “Baby I’m Sorry.”

Lenny Williams immediately lays down his smooth charm over an instrumental to match the mood. A tight drum and bass groove, funky guitar, and clean saxophone chops all come together with Williams’ voice to serenade the listener. Backup vocals fill in the track and some keys add to the atmosphere, but everything revolves around Williams’ performance. Even as the saxophone takes a solo, it’s all a dance that passes back and forward between the vocals.

“Baby I’m Sorry” has the best of both worlds between contemporary and classic. It has the sleek shine of modern-day production, with all the elements popping, this could be a radio hit. The whole style and vibe of the song are a time capsule from a different era. With so much R&B influence in pop music these days, this song is the real thing.

The music video for “Baby I’m Sorry” showcases the vibe of the song perfectly, giving a visual to Williams’ descriptive storytelling. This track shows that Lenny Williams still has the magic that made him famous. If you enjoyed “Baby I’m Sorry,” check out his catalog of music from over the years and keep up with him to see what he has in store for the future.

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