Here at Indie Band Guru we receive tons of music in our email box every day.  It is an unfortunate, but true, fact that we can not possibly listen to everything we get.  Something has to jump out at me right away to follow the links to hear a band’s music.  I got a strange one the other day when the band Les Bummms Boys sent me the track ‘Zeitmaschine’ for review.  I was up for something different so I gave it a try.

Little did I realize that Les Bummms Boys was a band straight out of Germany that writes all their songs in that hard to sound pretty German language.  I continued to be intrigued so I gave a few songs a full listen without focusing on the lyrics.  The best genre description I can think of for the band is alternative rock and pop punk with a taste of reggae and gypsy rock at times.  Quite interesting.  I was not able to translate much of the writing on Les Bummms Boys website but looking through the pictures it is easy to tell these guys are playing music to have a good time and the crowds seem to be enjoying it just as much.

The track that they wanted reviewed ‘Zeitmaschine’, which I learned means time machine, is a fun throwback kind of jam with a groovy feel to it.  I did get a ’99 Red Luft Balloons’ feel but that may have just been the pretty voice singing German lyrics.  The song opens with a spooky UFO sound before grabbing your attention with a simple guitar strumming beat.  This is all just a build up to the softly sung chorus that brings a smile to your face with its interesting keyboard soundscape.  The song pays homage to an earlier time in music both in title and sound.  This is a fun song no matter what language you hear it in.

Go hear some Les Bummms Boys for yourself at:

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