Coming up with a good band name is a key element for any group as they start out on their pursuit of fame.  It has to be memorable and clever while being unique and let’s face it, with all the bands out there, so many great names and ideas have already been taken.  A great band name has to make you stop and think and want to hear the music behind it.  A name jumped out at me recently and the music did not disappoint.  Come discover Stop Light Observations.

The Charleston, South Carolina band, also known as SLO, has been making a name for themselves with a unique style of Alternative Rock with influences that range from Motown to Arena Rock.  It is clear that the group truly loves performing and telling their story along the way.   The main members began playing together at Wando High School in 2007 and went through much soul searching playing shows throughout the south-east before reaching the connection that they have achieved today.  The name Stop Light Observations came to songwriter John-Keith Culbreth while stopped at a light in busy traffic.  The way that everyone seemed to take a moment to take it slow during the chaos made its impression of him and set the band in motion.

Last month Stop Light Observations released their true debut album The Zoo.  The 13 track record features touches on all of the bands influences and seems to do each one well.  The opener ‘The Kids Can’t Sleep’ has that mellow beat, yet powerful anthemic feeling made famous by bands like Kings Of Leon.  A song that jumped out at me was ‘The Maze’.  Singer Will Blackburn has a way of using his voice so it sounds like you are the only one he is singing too.  The different instrumentals and tempo make the track stand out for its originality.  It is clear that Stop Light Observations really enjoy playing the song ‘Search Into Your Soul’.  The piano is touching; the drums suck you in, and Blackburn’s voice again grabs you and won’t let you go until he is done with you.

Bottom Line: Stop Light Observations has created an album, in The Zoo, that clearly represents the feeling of an aggressive live performance while remaining intimate enough to listen to over and over again.

Go listen to some SLO for yourself at:

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