With the popularization of American Idol and the ever growing number of spin-offs flooding the TV airwaves, we have all seen the power of promotion of someone with a good voice.  Unfortunately these shows have also introduced us to many horrible singers as well, some of which think they actually have talent.  Love it or hate it this is what much of popular music has become, a popularity contest.  But what about the artist that has been perfecting his craft from childhood and has picked up tons of real musical talent along the way?  How does he get noticed? Well, you read about him here.  Welcome MC Pollock to the Indie Band Guru playlist.

This young man from Central New Jersey has been singing since the age of five.  MC Pollock has practiced vocalization, instrumentation, and composition for all these years to become the consummate professional that he is today.  So as to not limit himself, he also went through an Afro-Brazilian percussion apprenticeship in Bahia, Brazil.  This is a man way ahead of his years.  Moving closer to his goals, MC Pollock formed his band, The Angels, last year to launch his music career to a new level.  He now can bring a live performance to any venue and show off his dynamic stage presence.

Last month MC Pollock released Swank Series, a short collection of his talented repertoire.  The 5 song EP is meant to feature his live sound mixed with electronica.  The record opens with the soft ballad with a twist that is ‘Waiting’.  The mellow soul beat shows the suaveness of Pollock right away.  This is a track meant for your love making playlist.  ‘Diggin’ My Song’ has a Michael Jackson feel complete with the intermittent squeals.  There is some impressive electronica here as well to keep the song very interesting.  The album closes with the funk track ‘Bar Dancin’, another sexy song that touches on all the experiments that MC Pollock has touched on throughout the record.  His voice can cover many styles of music and he represents them all well here.  Go enjoy the swanky MC Pollock for yourself at:


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