We are all aware of the dramatic shift in the music industry over the last ten years or so.  The power of the giant record labels is no more and the business of controlling musicians has collapsed.  Gone are the huge record stores selling physical CDs as well as the high budget music videos playing on MTV.  Music has become, like water, flowing everywhere around us.  The artists have taken back control of their creations.  This is why we have seen an increase in independent bands and record labels trying to do it all on their own.  This is difficult work, but there are helpful websites out there trying to help this independent music flourish.  There is a startup company building now that can be a huge boost to these artists once it is complete.  Make yourself aware of The RockStage Project now.

The motto of Rockstage.org is ‘a world united by music’.  The goal is to help artists to be independent, promoting equality in music, and empowering music lovers to support and discover new talent.  The whole concept revolves around bringing Fans and Artists closer together; providing many opportunities for artists to manage their careers independently; and allowing fans to easily share, support, and discover new artists that they would never come across through the antiquated traditional music industry.  Through the social media platform of Rockstage, fans will interact with actual band members, not some profile maintained by a hired hand.  Rockstage will use the powers of already established social media platforms to help fans share their new favorite bands with the world.

One key that I appreciate about Rockstage is that there will be equality among bands.  There will be no paid promotion to feature some bands over others.  Every band is judged on their merits and not how much money they can through at a promotional campaign.  There are many other opportunities built into this website which will be free to all users.  It is time for artists to focus on making good music, rather than constantly working the ‘business’.  With Rockstage it is natural and they can do that without spending a penny once the Rockstage.org website is complete.

Rockstage is now running a crowdfunding campaign to help get the project completed.  Visit http://www.indiegogo.com/unitedbymusic for more info and watch the introduction video here:

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