Continuing with our dance club music weekend we were forwarded another track that could blow up in the clubs.  This is music from the other side of the world but it has the feel to be popular wherever it may be heard.  Good dance music crosses boundaries.  Let us introduce you to the track ‘Barcelona’ by Global Cult featuring Dashius Clay.

The track jumps right out at you with a beat that captures your mind.  The female vocals are intriguing with a vibrato effect that makes it unique.  The music builds and forces even the biggest wallflower to shake their ass.  To add even more flavor to the song Dashius Clay drops a rap flow during the breakdown that makes the track accessible to even more listeners.  This song has garnered attention in its pre-release even landing on compilations such as We Love Dance (Kontor) and “Future Trance 61. This song will get play in clubs across the world that want their audience moving.

Global Cult has released a very watchable video for the song as well.  It is very professionally done and leads me to believe big things are coming for this duo.  Watch the video below:

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